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Spirit and Truth: Reclaiming the Heart of Worship

Spirit and Truth: Reclaiming the Heart of Worship

ISBN: 9798987972410
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Does our worship mean anything? What is the ultimate purpose of our songs?

The songs we sing in church or listen to were never meant to be a substitute for our worship; they were meant to enhance it. It's time to regain our voices; it's time to push through the outer court and reclaim the high places-the altars-where true worship happens.

Jesus longs to fulfill the lyrics of the songs we sing. But how do we move from words to action-to true experience? How does worship ripple through our communities, touching those who stand outside our realms, unacquainted with the resonance of conferences, concerts, and church services? When and how will they feel the presence of Jesus, the Healer, the Deliverer, the Transformer?
In the coming days, weeks, months, and years, the church may look different. Churches today are afforded the freedom and luxury of grand stages, but tomorrow we may traverse from grand stages to hidden home sanctuaries. Yet, one truth remains unwavering: our sacred obligation to worship, no matter the backdrop.
Whether you are a worship pastor, worship leader, or worshipper, this book was designed to kindle the flames of intimate worship moments for all Christians, no matter their position, talent or skill set. It beckons you to reflect on the gravity carried by the role we call "worship leader." As you journey through these pages, you will not only be enlightened, but also inspired to venture deeper into the sacred realm of worship.

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