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My Cross Stitch Doll: Fun and easy patterns for over 20 cross-stitched dolls

My Cross Stitch Doll: Fun and easy patterns for over 20 cross-stitched dolls

ISBN: 9781446310151
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Create beautiful, embroidered dolls with easy cross stitch patterns and simple sewing techniques.

First, choose your doll from one of the 20 delightful patterns included, then stitch your front and back panels. Once completed, place the two pieces right sides together and sew around the outline, leaving a gap for turning. Turn it right sides out, stuff, sew up the gap and hey presto - you've made a dolly! This simple process means you can make a beautiful handmade doll with the minimum of skill or experience, creating a treasured heirloom that, if cared for, will last for generations.

The 20 doll patterns include a wide range of skin tones, hairstyles and clothing with the option to change any of the colours to suit your own tastes. Additional patterns at the back of the book give further options for alternative heads and garments so you can customise the patterns and make your own unique dolls. Stitch them for yourself as little sewing room pals, or create them as gifts for people you love - they can't fail but charm everyone who sees them.

The smallest doll is 10.5cm wide x 21.2cm high (41/4in wide x 81/2in high) and the largest is 11.6cm wide x 23.4cm high (41/2in wide x 91/4in high). With full-colour charts for the cross stitch patterns, and step-by-step instructions and tips for sewing the dolls, this book will have you itching to stitch cute dolls all day long!
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