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Echo Chamber

Echo Chamber

ISBN: 9781952150463
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"In July 1990, the First National Bank of Chicago was robbed. Chloe Cross was two years old. This is the story of how she pulled it off.

As far as she knows, Chloe Cross is the world's only time traveler. She can't change history, but she can attend David Bowie concerts, relive happy memories, and sleep with herself in different time periods (don't judge her).

Until one trip, when she inadvertently returns home to an altered timeline. An older version of herself reveals she's figured out how to move between timelines, to enjoy an "effect" without suffering the consequences of "cause."

Chloe embarks on a mission with two other versions of herself to become rich by robbing a bank thirty years in the past. But the robbery is just the beginning, and the real struggle will begin after she walks out of the vault.

Because no matter how far you run, there are always consequences.

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