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ISBN: 9781088136911
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Do you believe in second chances? Rebecca Knoll was living her best life until suddenly she was captured by Dominick Blade. The handsome man stole Rebecca to collect millions from her wealthy parents before selling her into human trafficking. Rebecca won't ever see her parents again. Or will she? Life has an interesting way of putting you on your face. Dominick is captivated by Rebecca because she gives him life. He hates being in his father's gang more than anything in the world. Rebecca convinces him to release her after doing whatever it takes. He creates a plan for them to escape together. However, Rebecca doesn't want to stay with him forever. She is only eighteen and wants to live the life she always wanted. Life does not always turn out how we expect it to be. This redemption story is full of interesting twists, heart breaking pain, sadness, and heartwarming romance. Most importantly this book brings awareness to human trafficking.

*Some language and scenes may be graphic and intense for certain readers. Reader discretion is advised.*

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