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Acid Town, Volume 4 (4)

Acid Town, Volume 4 (4)

ISBN: 9781427875334
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In a run-down city riddled with poverty and gangs, survival is a daily struggle. In a shocking revelation of the relationship between the scheming Reiji Nakamoto of the Snakes and Masatsugu, heir to the Seidoukai yakuza group, the threads between Yuki's painful past, Hyoudo's complicated loyalties, and the source behind the growing threat of gang warfare begin to be unraveled.

Reiji and his sister Hisako are the children of the Kawaguchi group's leader, sworn enemies of the Seidoukai. Orphaned by the conflict between groups tearing the city apart, they are taken in by none other than the head of the Seidoukai himself. But though their lives are comfortable and free of the threat of gang violence, Reiji can't help but feel that something is missing in his life, and there are answers to his past and present being kept from him. But the truth is a painful, bitter pill to swallow, and the revelations that follow will shape all of their lives to come...

NOTE: This book contains strong language and mature themes, including mentions of sexual violence, incest between adoptive siblings, and discussion of abuse against a minor. It is not intended for anyone under 16 years of age.
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